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The mission of kinesiology: the school of kinesiology is concerned with the many aspects of human movement and its application to physical activity and the quality of life. Faculty members are dedicated to a broad understanding of health and exercise in school, community fitness centers, hospitals, rehabilitation units, business and industry and a variety of sport settings. The program explores a full continuum of processes and outcomes, and is concerned with individuals ranging from your to old, healthy to diseased, and skilled to unskilled. Holistic nature of kinesiology: a characteristic of humanity that underscores the interdependence and interrelatedness of mind, emotions, body, and spirit. Kinesiology as an academic discipline: body of knowledge, a conceptual framework, scholarly procedures and methods of inquiry, process of discovery and end results. Applied sciences: adapted physical education, exercise physiology, motor development, sport medicine, sport pedagogy, port philosophy sport sociology, sport psychology.

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