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Lengthened marathon race during the games of 1912 so that the race would end at the windsor palace so he could watch. Native american football player who won the decathlon, pentathlon in 1912 & letters in 11 sports. Later ioc discovered he was a minor league baseball player for a year so he was declared a professional and had to return his medals. Is credited with the most superlative feat ever accomplished in the history of a sport: broke 3 world records and tied for another at the national intercollegiate meet in michigan during. He won 4 gold medals in 1936 berlin olympics. Hitler ignored when owens won and would not shake his hand. German rival of jesse owens who gave him a helpful hint on how to win the gold in long jump at the olympics. 1st african american women to win 3 gold medals. At age 16 she earned a spot on us.

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