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Ancient greece: the birthplace of western civilization: ancient games from 776 b. c. 400 a. d: ancient greece is considered the father land of modern sports, extremely advanced society; first dominant culture in europe, contributions to modern western thought/society, we saw a very advanced society in greece. The greeks contributed to a lot of what we see or read from art, drama, etc: they also had the earliest record of p. e. and sport. Looking at the physical activity and the events that took place. Homer"s most famous works describe sport in ancient greece. Earliest one was in 1250 bc in greece (best known funeral game was described by homer in book xxiii of the iliad). This was a very sacred event: best known funeral game was described by homer in book xxiii of. The iliad: odyssey: odysseus proving self, describes sporting activities held in honor of odysseus who triumphs over foes through intelligence rather than strength.

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