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Ancient greece, fatherland for modern sport: earliest record of pe and sport, very important to greeks to be physically fit, interested in the total person, mind and body. Ilias and odyssey earliest writings showing athletics: funeral games, sports and competitions to honor the dead person. Greek ideal- talking about mind and body, man of action" Attended private schools: music, literature, philosophy, pe, mathematics, called a lot of physical activity gymnastics, gymnasiums, had philosophers that sat around and spoke to boys training. Change in emphasis on the olympics: went from religious reasons to winning, people began to train for specific events, boys trained with tutors, diets, running, weight training. Because of rome"s fear of being attacked, they made sure to have a strong military so they could overcome those attacks. Class based society: based on wealth, patricians: most money, held high positions, plebians, worked for the patricians, slaves, not free.

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