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The ability to select and identify the most important elements needed to exist today and allow you to focus your personal energies and efforts towards whatever it is for your stage of maturity. Philosophy gives you the tools to evaluate yourself in the areas of : The mind is the focus of a person"s being. -in the total scheme of the universe, people are more important than nature. Values are permanent and do not need individuals to carry them forward. Things that don"t change with the whims of society. Select activities that encourage honesty, courage, creativity and sportsmanship; wrestling, running, discus, gymnastics, fitness. Church of jesus christ of latter day saints. Health & physical activity are an integral part of the above organizations. Material objects exist in and of themselves, without being dependent upon being perceived. Fl coach- putting little tomahawks on football players" helmets for good plays. They keep all kinds of scores, results and records.

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