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Mass Comm Final Review

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Mass Communication
MC 2000
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Mass Comm Final Review1The recording and radio industries historical development were independent of each other until the payola scandals of 1950sFALSE Payolathe recording industry to start paying radio djs to play certain songshappens today at the time it made people mad bc people looked to djs to guide them with what songs were popular At first they were in competition but then after that they started to work together grew up together free publicity for each other2For news papers revenue from digital advertising is not rising quickly enough to make up for the decrease in other kinds of revenueTRUEThere are other sources of revenue besides digital advertising subscription advertising news stand sales3In the colonial era in America printing presses were owned by international companiesFALSEInternational ownership of the book industry rose after 1440 after the printing pressColonial Error after printing pressInternational owner of book publishing companies came into p
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