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EXAM 3 STUDY GUIDEChapter 9 The Magazine IndustryMagazineCollection of materials stories ads poetry that its editors believe will be of interest to readersSome magazines are print some are onlineonly and some come in both formatsUsually periodicalHistory Tracing Magazine DevelopmentColonial Period Aimed at educated urban literate audiencesAfter the Revolution Political and topical articlesPenny Press Era Written for the middle classMagazine Boom Available money better printing lowered prices special mailing rates muckrakersThe 20th Century Specialization the digest the news magazine the pictorial magazine1700s1800sMagazines wereo Primarily aimed at eliteso Focused on politics literatureoExpensive to produceoCostlyoDone for hobby not profitUS 1700s1800s1741first magazine in Philadelphia PA 1825fewer than 100 magazines182559 182540 40005000 new magazines Market for magazines increaseslarge readership national influenceoScientific American 1845oHarpers Monthly 1850oWomens magazines Godeys Ladys Book 18301850highest circulation in the US 150000182559Expansion of magazinesochanges in the nature of businessoemergence of the freelance magazine writer1850s1900sFundamental changesoExpansion of railroadseasier distribution of magazinesoPostal Act of 1879cut mailing costsoAdvertisement revenuelower subscription prices1850s1900sMagazines attract national audiencesoLadies Home Journalfirst magazine with 1 million circulation 1901190012Magazines joined the muckracker movementoTerm coined by Theodore Roosevelt 1906oJournalists crusaded against big business for social justiceoPure Food and Drugs Act 1906 19001920sMain magazine focus on storytelling humor and informationNotable periodicalso Ladies Home Journalo Saturday Evening Posto Readers Digesto TimethSecond half of 20 century1960s Magazine industry changed because of television1970s magazines aimed at small but attractive audiencesoComputerized technologydecrease in cost profits from smaller circulationsSome Classic MagazinesSaturday Evening Post Romanticized American virtuesReaders Digest Applicability lasting interest and ContructivenessTime Interpretive journalismLife Passalong journalism The Fall of General Interest MagazinesoTV Guide Electronic media begins to change environment oPeople After the demise of Look and Life it filled the need for celebrityModern magazine industry20590 magazine titles published in North America in 2008
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