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Exam 2 Study Guide (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
Mass Communication
MC 2000

MC 2000 Test 2 Study GuideNewspapers1History of Journalism Penny Press Modern LiteraryPenny Press In 1833 printer Benjamin Day launched the New York Sun The price was a penny per copy instead of subscription sales It increased literacy improved printing and appealed to the rising middle class The new definition of news focused on the middle class and not the elite This began the advent of professional reporters to collect newsModern Journalism A greater emphasis on the facts and objectivity which an attempt to report all sides of a story A focuses on a greater coverage of a story builds circulation After Ochs purchased the Times in 1896 it became one of Americas great newspapers because of this type of journalismLiteracy Journalism A new journalism form which adapted fictional story lines to nonfictional and indepth reporting2 Pioneers of Journalism3The Inverted Pyramid of newswritingA style of writing that places the most important facts in the first paragraph and the rest of the story is supplementary facts4Different types of journalism yellow advocacy objective literary etcYellow Journalism Sensational reporting that overstates facts emphasizes undue aspects ofthe situation and associated the subject with frivolous issues Introduction of bias frivolous treatment of the story and an overproduction screaming headlines graphic illustration are associated Example is Steven ColbertInterpretive Journalism emphasis on facts but makes greater attempt to analyze complex news events Objectivity is enhanced by indepth coverage and analysisAdvocacy Journalism A reporter actively promotes a particular viewpointObjective Journalism Attempts to report all sides of a story through thorough coveragePrecision Journalism Attempts to push news in the direction of scienceLiterary Journalism Adapted fictional story lines to nonfictional and indepth reportingMagazines1History of magazinesHistory Tracing Magazine DevelopmentColonial Period Magazines were aimed at educated urban literate audiencesAfter the Revolution Political and topical articles were written for magazinesPenny Press Era Magazines started being written for the middle classMagazine Boom Magazines had available money better printing lowered prices special mailing rates and the rise of muckrakers one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another
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