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Mass Communications Exam 2 Completed Study Guide

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Mass Communication
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MC 2000

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MC2000Fall12Exam2StudyGuideConglomeratesWhoaretheBigSixHowmuchofthemediadotheycollectivelycontrol90 of all media we consume is owned by 6 companies1GE General Electric2News Corp3Disney4Viacom5Time Warner6CBS Columbia Broadcasting systemWhatisderegulationandhowdoesitinfluencethetrendsinmediaconsolidationDeregulationthereusedtoberegulationsoncompaniesbuttheywereundoneReasonforconglomerationWhataretheFinSynRulesWhatdoesthe1996TelecommunicationsActallowmediacompaniestodoDeath Rules of FinSyn 19701995FinSyn rules prevented TV networks from producing contentKeeps rich marketplaceNetworks could only distribute not produceRupert Murdoch Newscorp FOXFox network fought to eliminate FinSynAftermath Movie studios createbuy networksTelecommunications Act 1996The End of Rule of Seven Rule of Seven1 Company could own up to 7 TV or radio networksDeregulation of TVRadio OwnershipOwnership cap increased to 35 of National MediaAftermath75 of TV Networks owned by Big 633 of Radio Stations owned by ConglomeratesExtension of ownership cap to 39 under Bush AdministrationWhatisaudienceerosionHowisconsolidationonestrategythatmediabusinessesuseforrespondtotheseproblemsAudienceErosionadecreaseinthepercentageofthepopulationusingaparticularmassmediumoraspecificmediaoutletTakesplacebecauseofmediafragmentationAudienceSegmentationnarrowingtheirscopetocertaingroupsofpeopleinordertoearntheloyaltyofspecificportionsofthepopulationandholdontothemwhileothercompaniesinthefragmentingmediaworldtrytoattractothermediagroupsWhatdoesitmeantocrossmediaboundariesDigitizationmakesduplicationandmanipulationofcontenteasierresultsinblurredmediaboundariesWhatissynergyWhyisitappealingtomediabusinessesHowdoessynergyfacilitatethecreationofafranchiseSynergywhen the whole can function more effectively than the sum of the partsEfficient Product developmentEconomies of ScaleHorizontal IntegrationCross Promotional Controlthe ability to promote on all different levels of the company
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