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Public RelationsThe definition of PR The management function that builds and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the publics on whom its success or failure dependsInternal public The people that are internal to your organizationEx stockholders and employeesExternal public The people that are outside of your organizationEx communities consumers and news mediaThe founders of Public RelationsIvy Lee former journalistoFacing the problem opening the doors to the media instead of hiding during the muckraking timesoThought that if people would stonewall not let media in the organizationMakes people think that they have something to hideoInformational Model of PRHelp journalistswrite their storyoIvy Lee was Rockafellers PR representativeWhen the mine explosion happened he encouraged Rockafeller to go to the people and families and visit which balanced out the equationEdward BernaysoEngineering public supportoNephew of Sigmund FreudoManipulate peopleoHad the view of a strong role in peoples livesoPersuasion Model of PRTwoway communication1Find out what people are thinking2Create a message to persuade the people or manipulate them based off of what they are thinkingEx Lucky Strikes cigarettestorches of freedomUsed twoway communication modelMostly men bought cigarettesWanted women to buy themSaid that they brought independence to women so women looked at them as power of freedomSymmetrical approachoTwoway process building mutually beneficial relationshipsoModern PRPublic Relations process 1Understand challengeaResearch2Set Objectives PlanningaWho are the publics we need to address3Strategies and TacticsaCommunicationbWhat are you actually going to do4Evaluate effectivenessaHas something changedbHave we delt with the challengeRoles of PR1ResearchaTeam does research2Counselor
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