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MC 2000 Exam 1 Material (Got A+ on the test)

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Mass Communication
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What Is Mass MediaWhat counts as mass mediaMass media is defined as technological vehicles by which complex organizations produce content that is disseminated to an audienceThree key dimensions of mass mediaCommunicationTechnologyIndustryMass media should be thought about in these three different waysMass Media as Communication and Mass Media as TechnologyWhat separates one from the otherFour types of communicationInterpersonal communicationoInter means betweenoOne on one communication usually face to faceoLots of direct feedback verbal and nonverbal from audienceoNot oneway communication rather a dialogueoFeedback doesnt necessarily come from words but a message is still sentoMediated interpersonal communication is now a huge thing Technology Anytime a message is communicated between two people and it isnt done face to face a mediated message has been communicated Feedback is still expected howeverIntrapersonal communicationoIntra means withinoInternal within your own head communicationoAlso lots of feedbackespecially if you have conversations with yourself or you have multiple personalitiesoResults from inner conflictweighing pros and cons of a situationGroup communicationoOne on more than one communicationoCloser to oneway communication but sender can still get lots of feedback from audienceoEx organizations families sports teamsMass communicationoFewtomany communicationoAllows the least amount of feedback from the audienceoProcess involving creators channels and societyoDirect mail billboards and mass mediaoThe opportunity to give feedback to media outlets has been increasing due to outlets such as Facebook and twitteroThe audience is millions of people
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