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Mass Communication
MC 2000

MoviesThe development of moviesoFirst movie makersMuybridgeAnimal Locomotion 1887Edison kinetoscope 1893Lumiere brotherscameraprojector 1895MeliesA trip to the Moon 1903PorterThe Great train robbery 1903GriffithThe Birth of a Nation 1915oThe studio system produced films in which all talent worked for the movie studiosoStudios Paramount MGM Warner BrothersoBlock Bookings controlled distributionoUnited Artists created in 1919 bought and distributed independent filmsA Short history of the moviesoChange comes to HollywoodFirst sound film one of three films produced by Warner Brothers but historians disagree what constitutes a sound filmDon Juan 1926 with synchronized music and sound effectsThe Jazz Singer 1927 starring Al Jolson has several sound and speaking Zscenes but was largely silentLights of New York 1928 was all soundoScandal1922 State legislatures introduced more than 100 separate bills to censor or control movies and their contentIndustry responded by creating Motion Picture producers and distributors of America MPPDA to improve image of movies1934 Motion picture production code MPPC released oRed ScareHouse UnAmerican Activities Committee HUAC feared communist socialist and leftist propaganda was secretly inserted into entertainment filmsIndustry abandoned the Hollywood 10Writers and directors accused committee of being in violation of the Bills of RightsMovies became increasingly tame for fear of being too controversialoFighting BackIndustry worked to recapture audiences from television by using technical and content innovationsPaid more attention to special effectsDeveloped greater dependence on and improvements in colorThe Blockbuster eraoExpensive movies with large predefined audiences packed with cable deals and marketing tieinsSteven Spielbergs Jaws 1975oAncillary markets includeInternational distribution rightsHome videoToys and clothesProduct placementScope and Nature of the Film IndustryoProductionmaking of moviesAverage cost of producing and marketing a Hollywood feature is 103 millionoUnderstanding Todays Movie IndustryProductionPreproduction is the planning phase which includes script development casting budgeting scheduling set and costume design location scouting set construction and special effects designProduction is the actual shooting phase a point at which the activity becomes very hectic and expensive as cast and crew swell into the hundredsPostproduction includes the film and sound editing soundtrack scoring special effects integration and technical improvements such as color correctionTop movie studiosthParamount Pictures Sony Pictures Warner Bros Disney 20 Century Fox UniversalThe Production TeamThe many professionals who make up the production team help make moviemaking one of the most expensive and least profitable of all media business oProducer Puts together financing and creative teamoStar Guarantees box office successoEditor Creates rhythm pace and special effectsoWriter Turns story idea into scriptoDirector Provides creative visionThe people in the creditsThe executive producer finds the financing and puts the package together including story script stars and director Line Producers do much of the daytoday work and are in demand if they can complete films on time and within budgetDirectors provide creative vision They are usually involved in the preproduction production and postproduction phases in filmmaking The writer turns an idea into a script Scripts today are often written by a committee One writer spices up the humor another polishes the romance and another creates strong female characters Studios still rely on big names to guarantee box office success but the star system is now controlled by agents managers and the stars themselvesThe editor creates the rhythm and pace of a film by choosing the shots and placing them in sequence The editor for Francis Ford
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