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AP Style Guide (aced the test and got 96%)

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Mass Communication
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MC 2010

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AP style Study guideAbbreviationsacronyms A few universally recognized abbreviations are required in some circumstances Some others are acceptable depending on the context But in general avoid alphabet soup Do not use abbreviations or acronyms that the reader would not quickly recognize Guidanceon how to use a particular abbreviation or acronym is provided in entries alphabetized according to the sequence of letters in a word or phraseAn acronym is a word formed from the first letter or letters of a series of words Laser light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation An Abbreviation is not an acronym Some General principlesBEFORE A NAME abbreviate titles when used before a full nameDr Gov Lt Gov Mr Mrs Rep the Rev Sen And certain military designations see military titles entry For Guidelines on how to use titles seeCourtesy titles legislative titles military titles religious titles and the entries for the most commonly used titles AFTER A NAMEAbbreviate junior or seniorafter an individuals name AbbreviateCompany Corporation incorporated and limited when used after the name of corporate entity See entries under these words and Company NamesIn some cases an academic degree may be abbreviated after an individuals name seeAcademic Degrees WITH DATES OR NUMERALSUse abbreviations ADBC am pm No and abbreviate certain months when used with the day of the month Right In 450 BC at 930 am In room No 6Wrong Early this am he asks for the No of your room IN NUMBERED ADDRESSESAbbreviate avenue boulevard and street in numbered addresses He lives on Pennsylvania avenue He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania AveSTATESThe names of certain states and the United States are abbreviates with periods in certain situationsACCEPTABLE BUT NOT REQUIREDSome government agencies and organizations are widely recognized by their initials CIA FBI GOPIf the entry for such an organization note that an abbreviation is acceptable in all references or on second reference that does not mean that its use should be automatic Let the context determine for example whether to use Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBIAVOID AWKWARD CONSTRUCTIONSDo not follow an organizations full name with an abbreviation or acronym in parentheses or set off by dashes If an abbreviation or acronym would not be clear on second reference without this arrangement do not use it Names not commonly before the public should not be reduced to acronyms solely to save a few words SPECIAL CASESMany abbreviations are desirable in tabulations and certain types of technical writing CAPS PERIODSUse capital letters and periods according to the listings in this book For words not in this book use the firstlisted abbreviation in Websters new world college dictionary Generally omit periods in acronyms unless the result would spell an unrelated word But use periods in most 2 letter abbreviations US UN UK BA BC AP a trademark is an exception Also no periods in GI and EU In headlines do not use periods in abbreviations unless required for clarity Use all caps but no periods in longer abbreviations when the individual letters are pronounced ABC CIA FBI Use only an initial cap and then lower case for acronyms of more than six letters unless listed otherwise in this stylebook or Websters new World college dictionaryAcademic DegreesIf mention of degrees is necessary to establish someones credentials the preferred form is to avoid an abbreviation and use instead a phrase such asJohn Jones who who has a doctorate in psychology Use an apostrophe inBachelors degree a masters etc but there is no possessive in Bachelor of Arts orMaster of ScienceAlso an associate degree no possessive Use such abbreviations as BA MA LLD and PhD only when the need to identify many individuals by degree on first reference would make the preferred form cumbersome Use the abbreviations only after a full name never after just a last name When used after a name an academic abbreviation is set off by commas John Snow PhD Spoke Do not precede a name with a courtesy title for an academic degree and follow it with the abbreviation for the degree in the same reference Accept exceptAccept means to receive except means to exclude
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