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MC 2015 Final SG (aced the test and got 96%)

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Louisiana State University
Mass Communication
MC 2015

MC 2015 Final 12 tf 25 multi choice 9 fill in blank no word bank4 short answers not essay just needs key words7 newspaper identifications dont need a scantron principles and elements of design typography serifsans serif anatomy of type ledding kearning and other terminologies color difference betw RGB and CMYK know color schemes monochromatic etc color terminology hue saturation etc how is color used in design infographics which publications started them which kinds are there newspaper layout alignment rules layout rules what are stories and how do you layout body copy know diff between vertical and horiz stories like how do you place the photos differently photography cropping tips on taking photos lighting framing know what photography adds to vis comm as a rule visual technology API HTML 5 responsive HTML know impact of mobile communication smart phones and how they change communication Facebook and such and their impact on communication how to get files to printer 72 vs 300 dpi raster vs vector know elements of a logo how color affects a logo 5 shot method and what the 5 shots are tips for videography know diff shots mentioned in the lecture wide close up etc sequencing media kits and annual reports and the diff between the 2 poli comm lecture Daisy girl spot importance and significance MC 2015 11613Vis comm effective use of images to inform entertain persuade identify enlightenoInform newspapers fonts colors photographs etchowtoguidesAnnouncements weddings gradStreet signsiPhone apps with badge notifications1Simplest way to get info acrossred is used a lot because red attracts attentionoEntertain purely entertainment would be comic stripsMagazinesJan 23 MC 2015Elements of DesignConceptualVisualRelationalDotoSimplest formoIs the minimum of unit of visual communication oHas a strong visual power to attractoSingle dot draws eye to doto2 dots draws eye to spaceo3 or moreeye connects them to form shapeoMost common use of dot in vis comm is bullet pointLineoContinuation of dot moves your eye in one direction or anotheroStraight line implies stiffness and rigidityoCurved lines implies playfulnessoOften used to section off spacesShapeoClosed lineoThree basic parallelogram circle triangleParallelogram 4 sided figure where opposite sides are parallel and equalSquare and rectangle usuallyCircle powerfulDraws viewers eyeTriangle challenges the eye to followConveys direction2TypeoCrucial to all designsoCan play numerous roles in vis comm
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