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Vis Comm Final Study Guide (Completed) (Got A+ on the test)

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Mass Communication
MC 2015
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MC2015FinalReviewIdea of form follows function Design of object is based on what it is used forThe size of the headline indicates prominence Quoted by Louis SullivanExample Sydney Opera HouseoFalling Water Waterfall HomeAudience Message MediumAudience who you are writing forMessage what you want to get acrossMedium through what medium are you transmittingGraphic design art and craft of bringing structure to group of diverse elementsPPARCProportionsize of elementshow much space it takes up size determined by importanceEvery page needs a dominant focal pointPurpose is to organize and add visual interestALWAYS maintain correct proportionThe amount of space the story takes upThe more prominent the more important ProximityHow close are things if things are related group them close togetherWhen items are close they become one visual unitPurpose is to organizeIf two things are related put them together if not separate them AlignmentEvery item should have a visual connection with something else organizes and unifiesNothing should be placed on a page arbitrarily Every item should have a visual connection with another item on the pageAligning items creates strong cohesive effectPurpose is to organize and unify No center alignmentbooohard to read Forced JustifiedRepetition Take some aspect of the design and repeat it throughout the entire piece
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