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Tuesday January 15 2013Social MediaThe Digital LandscapeFragmentationPersonalizationControlTwoway Access sharecreateUbiquitySpeedPermanence Searchability Ability to updateAbility to remixTargetingInteractionEconomicsAsynchronousInstant synchronous Digital LandscapesDigital MobileSocial Media Communication strategy must be enhanced by listening and engaging audiences in a two way dialogueSocial media has enabled communication to be global and instantWe must first understand the channelsMust know these changes to enhance and protect your brand Digital LandscapesFragmentation and digitizationSubvert the topdown passive oneway flow of infoMany to many dynamicAccess share and even create media contentWhen they want how they want and wherever they want MobileOver 6 billion subscriptions77 of world populationMost popular way to get on the web overtake PCs as the most popular way to get on the webAmericans now carry more smart phones than nonconnected phones multitasking while watching TVApps kill the direct web Smartphone users spend 23 of their time on apps Its less and less about the open web Open searchbased web becomes less importantThick vs thinThin are web basedstill have to be connected to the InternetThickheavier file because dont have to be connected to the Internet Tablets kill print New York Time out of print by 2020USA Today shifting to tabletsNewsweek stops printing Digital is better is cheaperAnother trend Content moves to the cloud The CloudShift to rent vs own for media contentPC as a settop box is a realityPhones are a convergence deviceThe clouds fill in processor powerspeedEnables meaningful mobility What happens to advertising when you are renting your contentIncrease in interruptive forms of advertising Branding is now more important Apps are about branding Students need to know how to brand themselves with a distinct voicewriting style NYT60 Minutes embedded producers Shifting towards the idea of ScreensHBO calls this TV everywhereAudiences go around traditional means of viewing contentScreens are also digital billboards Social MediaSocial Media is a digital environment where audiences can create shareinteract with content PlatformsFrom media to platforms Facebook has all of our information How businesses are using social mediaTwitter 61 vs Facebook 58blogs only 23
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