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MC 2525 EXAM 2 Study Guide (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
Mass Communication
MC 2525

MC 2525 EXAM 2 Study Guide Know def significance and examplesReadingsSteps to building a professional brand onlineStep 1 Actively build your brand Create your own personal Webpage or start with an AboutMe pageoBegin to manage your online identity including checking photo tags from othersoCheck privacy settingsoGoogle yourselfoPersonal webpage essential Resume in PDF on about page contact info links to all online contentStep 2 Get Networkingo70 of jobs have been found through professional networkingoDo your research via advanced searchCareer path company pages groupsHow to network using LinkedInoIdentify your goals skillsExperienceoStartManage your profileGranovetters strength of weak ties Strong ties family close friendsoArent helpful because they are biased and they normally are in the same field have a narrow scopeWeak Ties acquaintances friends of friendsoDont know much and have a wide scopeReach outoResearch your primary contactsoAsk primary contact for introductionoEmail secondary contact for adviceRolf Andersons Model of Personal SellingProspecting and qualifyingPlanning the sales callApproaching the prospectSales presentationNegotiating resistance objectionsClosing the saleServicing the accountHow to think of the Interview as persuasion Interviewing is formal with rulesInterviewing is often facetofaceoImpression management using nonverbal cuesImpression Management Prospecting and qualifyingPlanning the sales call are Interview PreparationDo your research know your interviewersAnticipate facetoface mode of interactionPrepare your messageKinesics Nonverbal cuesKinesics Kinesics Nonverbal cues eye contact bodily posture facial expressionsThe Interview ProcessInterview PreparationThe Opening eye contact hand shake bodily expressionsQuestionAnswer periodoOpen and closed questionsOpen Tell me about yourself what is important for them to knowWhy are you interested in working here reason ready How do you think you can contribute to this organizationClosed What is your area of study Previous Job experienceoPrimary and secondary questions
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