MC 2000 : E2 Study Guide FINAL

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15 Mar 2019

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All of the lecture slides are posted on moodle, as are all of the assigned readings, podcasts, and documentaries. There will be 60 multiple-choice questions on exam 2. Be able to answer the questions on these topics from the exam 1 study guide. Refer to lecture slides from before exam 1 if you need more information. Don"t worry about reviewing the readings/podcasts that were assigned before exam 1. Be able to identify examples of native advertising: listen to on the media: refugees or migrants? (7. 5 min) and focus on how strategic communication interacts and tries to influence journalism. What does cpc mean: watch john oliver"s last week tonight on native advertising and be able to answer the questions posed in the lecture slides. October 1st (up to 6 questions: watch frontline news war (if you haven"t been able to get the documentary to play, watch it on one of the apple computers in the middleton library).

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