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15 Mar 2019

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Convergence the erosion of tradition distinctions among media. Audience fragmentation audiences for specific media content becoming smaller and increasingly homogeneous. Broadsides (broadsheets) early colonial newspapers imported from england, single- sheet announcements or accounts of events. First amendment freedom to religion, speech, press, assembly, petition. Penny press in 1830s; one-cent newspapers for everyone, advertising. Wire services news-gathering organizations that provide content to members. Yellow journalism sensational sex, crime, and disaster news; giant headlines; heavy use of illustrations; reliance on cartoons and color. Ethnic press papers, often in a foreign language, aimed at minority, immigrant, and non- Alternative press typically weekly, free papers emphasizing events listings, local arts advertising, and eccentric personal classified ads. Muckraking a form of crusading journalism that primarily used magazines to agitate for change. Advertorial ads that appear in magazines and take on the appearance of genuine editorial contant; a page or less.

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