MC 2000 : Mass Communication TEST 2

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15 Mar 2019

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Oral and written forms: oral traditions passed by poets, teachers, and tribal stories, once the written alphabet was created, the wealthy used manuscripts to convey society, oral debates were a discuss public issues. The printed word: the printing press introduced the first mass market product in history: books, paved the way for major social and cultural changes by transmitting. Electronic and digital delivery the trend knowledge across national boundaries: rise of film (early 1900s), radio (1920s) and the internet (1990s) continued. Invention of the telegraph (1840"s) began instantaneous information: what"s next, the technology merging of content or media markets. Pre-modern period (pre-1800s: peasants, merchants, farmers, local communication reach, relied on oral comm. and the pen (home, believed in natural or divine order, oral and print based, controlled by political parties. Modern (1800s-1950s: national communication reach, relied on print/electronic and typewriter (home, print based controlled by publishing families, factory workers, management, national ceo"s. Postmodern (1950"s-present: temporary workers, managers, global ceo"s.

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