MC 2000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Maria Konnikova, Milgram Experiment, Iced Coffee

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9 Nov 2015

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According to the latest learning research discussed in class what are effective ways to learn and what are ineffective ways of learning: effective, ask yourself questions recalling from memory, try to solve the problem before being taught answer, short, spaced out learning, switch up where you study, put ideas into own words, when learning is difficult, it is longer lasting than when it is easy, ineffective, reviewing class notes/lecture slides, reading a text repeatedly, taking notes word for word. ) or they could wait 15 minutes and get a second marshmallow: initial test 2/3 participants ate the marshmallow without waiting, 15 years later, researchers followed up with the same kids who waited had better grades, higher sat scores, better jobs and were less likely to be in trouble with the law, follow up study: researchers took kids who couldn"t wait and told them to imagine the marshmallow was a picture and to draw an imaginary frame around the picture.

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