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1MANAGEMENT 3200 FINAL EXAM REVIEW QUESTIONSMOTIVATIONMotivating Employees Part of the leadership function of managementIn motivating employees talk about two kinds of motivational theories content and processContent theories concerned with what motivates peopleProcess concerned with how people are motivated Cant really motivate people the person can only motivate themselves 1What are the five needs in Maslows hierarchy of needsKnow what each need is and be able to recognize what need is being satisfied in a given situationHuman beings were motivated to satisfy five different categories of needs and these are arranged in form of a hierarchyHumans are motivated to fulfill the lowest unsatisfied need in the hierarchy Once a need is satisfied it is no longer motivational Five needs bottom to top oPhysiologicalFood water air sex clothing shelter oSafetyFreedom from fear or threatStability peaceAvoidance of painoSocial Acceptance friendship group membership interaction with othersoEsteemRecognition respect from othersResponsibility of accomplishmentsoSelf actualization not likely to ever be fully satisfied cant be perfect momentary self actualization is called a peak Realization of ones potential Creativity IndependenceSelf expressionIntellectual curiosity TEST question given the five needs and a situation and you pick which one oAwards banquet esteem money physiological safety social if the money is earned esteem wine and cheese event social if you have as much money as you ever need self actualize oMoney can satisfy them all oOne need motivates you at a time the lowest unsatisfied need in the hierarchy that motivates you 22According to Maslow what motivates your behaviorThe lowest unsatisfied need in the hierarchy motivated by one need at a time 3What does Maslow believe about satisfied needsOnce you are satisfied you move on so it is no longer motivational 4If a need is frustrated what will the employee experience according to MaslowCan the employee still be motivated if hisher needs are frustratedIf a need is frustrated you dont have any options You cant go back down and you cant go up 5What needs are typically unsatisfied in most organizationsWhy is this the caseWhat would help satisfy these needsSpecialized jobs esteem and self actualization will be frustrated solve by adding an enriched job 6What need is the highest level of personal motivationHow many people reach this levelIs it ever fully satisfied or fulfilledSelf Actualization not very many people reach this level it is never fully satisfiedMomentary self actualization is called a peak moment 7What is a peak experienceMomentary selfactualization 8What does the research say about Maslows hierarchy of needsFound 23 needs that motivate behavior rather than the 5 Everyone does not climb the hierarchy in the same progressionSatisfied needs can still motivate an employees behavior oStill want a bonus more even though you are satisfied 9What is a cafeteria style benefits plan10How would you apply Maslows theory of motivation if you were a managerNot every employee is motivated by the same needsAs a result a manager must tailor the reward motivator to fit the individual In doing so the manager must tie the reward to good performance What motivates an employee today may not motivate them in a week month or yearManager must be flexible in motivating the same employee over time 11What are the three needs in ERG theory that can motivate behaviorMaslows theory repackaged to be more consistent with the research 3 needs
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