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EXAM 3MOTIVATION1What are the 5 needs in Maslows hierarchy of needs Know what each need isbe able to recognize what need is being satisfied in a given situationa Physiologicalneed 4 food water airsexb Safetyneed 4 security stabilityfreedom from fear or threatc Socialneed 4 friendship affection acceptanceinteraction w othersd Esteemneed 4 personal feelings of achievement selfesteemrecognitionrespect from peerse SelfActualizationa feeling of selffulfillment or the realization of ones potential maximum personal motivation the need 4 growthdevelopment be all that you can be2According to Maslow what motivates your behaviorThe lowest unsatisfied need in the hierarchySelfActualization3What does Maslow believe about satisfied needsLower needs would have to be satisfied before the next higher need could motivate behaviorNo longer motivational you move upmove on4If a need is frustrated what will the employee experience according to MaslowCan the employee still be motivated if hisher needs are frustrated The state of stuckedness being stuck You cant go up or down The employee can no longer be motivated productivity etc will all suffer5What needs are typically unsatisfied in most organizationsWhy is this the caseWhat would help satisfy these needs Esteemself actualization because most jobs are specialized Enriched or craft would help satisfy these needs6What need is the highest level of personal motivationHow many people reach this levelIs it ever fully satisfied or fulfilled Selfactualization being all that you can be maximizing potential Very few doNever fully satisfiedReach it only temporarily7What is a peak experience The best you can bethat moment in time in the zone Momentary self actualization at that one moment in time you are the best you can be8What does the research say about Maslows hierarchy of needsWeve only been able to identify 2 or 3 needs instead of the five Not everybody climbs a hierarchy in the same progression A satisfied need can still motivateSatisfaction does not reduce the drive 4 selfactualization in fact once ppl haveselfactualization they want moreMaslow has been wrong on a number of accounts9What is a cafeteria style benefits plan Pick and choose the benefits that you need healthlife insurance Pick out the ones that fit you10How would you apply Maslows theory of motivation if you were a manager Ppl are motivated by different needs so they will find different things rewarding Managers should motivate differently because everyone is at a different point on the hierarchy tailor the motivation to fit the individual Ppl can move up or down in the hierarchydifferent things can motivate them over time11What are the 3 needs in ERG theory that can motivate behaviorE Existence R RelatednessG Growth Needs12How do the 3 needs in ERG theory match up to the 5 needs in Maslows hierarchy of needsaExistencesimilar 2 Maslows physiologicalsafety needsbRelatednesssimilar 2 Maslows socialselfesteem needscGrowthsimilar 2 Maslows selfactualization need Maslows theory repackaged to be more consistent with current research13What does Alderfers ERG theory sat about a satisfied needIt can still motivate14What is the frustrationregression principle in ERG theoryWhat does it say about need frustrationIf a higher level need is frustrated you can regress down to a lower level needstill maintain motivation15What does Herzberg say is the opposite of job satisfactionThe opposite of job dissatisfactionJob SatisfactionNo Job SatisfactionJob DissatisfactionNo Job Dissatisfaction16What is a motivator factorwhat is it related to in 2factor theory be able to recognize what are motivators on the jobMotivators are like what need in Maslows hierarchyThe work itselfhow it makes you feel
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