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1MANAGEMENT 3200 FINAL EXAM REVIEW QUESTIONSMOTIVATION1What are the five needs in Maslows hierarchy of needsKnow what each need is and be able to recognize what need is being satisfied in a given situation1 Physiological Needs the need for food water air sex procreation sexfor survival of the species money2 Safety Needs the need for security stability freedom from fear or threat avoidance of pain peach good lifehealth insurance money3 Social Needs the need for friendship affection interaction with others acceptance group membership wine and cheese party company picnics money4 Esteem Needs the need for selfesteem recognition respect responsibility sense of accomplishment award ceremony money5 SelfActualization Needs the need for realization of ones potential creativity independence selfexpression and intellectual curiosity having endless moneyThe lowest unsatisfied need is what motivates you physiologicalOnce that lowest is satisfied the next lowest unsatisfied is safety so onStart from top and move to bottom once you satisfy top move to the next one under2According to Maslow what motivates your behaviorLowest unsatisfied need in the heirarchyNone of the needs are metphysiological physiological needs are metsafety safety needs are met social and so on3What does Maslow believe about satisfied needsOnce a need is satisfied youre no longer motivated your motivation decreasedThe greater the satisfaction of a need the lower the importance of that need and the greater the importance of the next higher need2Once you satisfy a need you move onSatisfied needs are no longer motivation they go away4If a need is frustrated what will the employee experience according to MaslowCan the employee still be motivated if hisher needs are frustratedNo very negative youre basically stuck there is nothing you can do about itA state of stuckedness basically screwed cant be motivated will be demotivated5What needs are typically unsatisfied in most organizationsWhy is this the caseWhat would help satisfy these needsEsteem and selfactualizationBecause most jobs are specializedCan give an enriched job6What need is the highest level of personal motivationHow many people reach this levelIs it ever fully satisfied or fulfilledSelfactualization knowledge for the sake of knowledge doing things because its what you want to doNever fully satisfiedVery few people reach this level7What is a peak experienceMomentary selfactualizationWhere youre the best you can be at that time8What does the research say about Maslows hierarchy of needsYou have to climb the hierarchy of needs satisfied needs can motivate9What is a cafeteria style benefits planOMIT10How would you apply Maslows theory of motivation if you were a managerTreat other people like they want to be treated not everyone is at the same point on the hierarchy motivation is going to be differentDifferent strokes for different folks will have to be flexible when motivating different people over timeHave to be flexible when motivating different people need to know where they are in the hierarchy and know what motivates them also have to be flexible with motivating these people over time can move on the hierarchy11What are the three needs in ERG theory that can motivate behaviorThis theory is a reformulation and extension of Maslows Hierarchy of NeedsIt networks Maslows Hierarchy of needs to be more consistent with the research on motivationInstead of five needs this theory proposes three needs and it believes that a satisfied need can still motivate behaviorTakes Maslows 5 and breaks them down to 3 more consistent with researchExistence Needs Physiological and Safety Relatedness Needs Social and EsteemGrowth Needs SelfActualizationTaking 5 needs and collapsing them into 3221Existence needs physiological and safety Relatedness needs social and esteem Growth needs selfactualization
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