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MGT 3200 Exam One Objectives from theTextbook Fundamentals of ManagementAssigned Outside Reading Moodle TEXTBOOK OBJECTIVES1Whats a multinational corporation p 33Any type of international company that maintains operations in multiple countries2Whats a multidomestic corporation p 33A multinational corporation that decentralizes management and other decisions to the local country where its doing business3Whats a global corporation transnational or borderless organization p 33Global corporation a multinational corporation that centralizes management and other decisions in the home countryTransnational borderless organization a structural arrangement for global organizations that eliminates artificial geographical barriers4How organizations go global p 341Global sourcingpurchasing materials or labor from around the world wherever it is cheapest minimal global investment2FactorsaExportingmaking products domestically and selling them abroadbImportingacquiring products made abroad and selling them domesticallycLicensingan agreement primarily used by manufacturing businesses in which an organization gives another the right for a fee to make or sell its products using its technology or product specificationsdFranchisingan agreement primarily used by service businesses in which an organization gives another organization the right for a fee to use its name and operating methods
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