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MGT 3211 Exam 1 Study Guide (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
MGT 3211

MGT 3211 Exam 1 Study Guidemorality social practices of defining right and wrongtransmitted within cultures and institutions from generation to generationwhat people ought to do to conform to societys norms of behaviorethical theory and moral philosophy point to reflection on the nature and justification of right actions attempt to introduce clarity substance and precision of argument into the domain or moralityconcerns philosophical reasons for and against aspects of social morality focuses on justificationmoral vs prudenceprudence is self interest morality takes interest in more than one personmorality vs lawethical judgments are based on reasoned arguments laws are based on legal judgmentslaw is the publics agency for translating morality into explicit social guidelines and practices and for stipulating punishments for offenseslaw is not the sole repository of a societys moral standards and values even when law is directly concerned with moral problemsfact that something is legally acceptable does not make it morally acceptablethe rule of consciencethe reliability of conscience is not self certifying moral justification must be based on a source external to individual conscienceapproaches to morality and ethical theorydescriptive ethics factual description and explanation of moral behavior and beliefswhat people actually doconceptual ethics meanings of terms such as right obligation justice good virtue and responsibility are analyzeddistinction between moral and nonmoral are typical examples of examples of conceptual problemsnormative ethics attempts to formulate and defend basic moral normswhat ought to be done what people should do
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