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MGT 3320 Final: Final Review

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MGT 3320

Chapter 12: Safety and Health 4/28/2017 3:30:00 PM two hazards • safety: cause harm/injury to employees • health: can make employees ill Common Hazards • list on moodle • tripping, elevated work spaces, things falling 7 Major Categories of Illness • moodle OSHA • occupational safety and health administration • writes rules and safety regulations • review classification • work for department of labor Classification of Injuries • first aid, recordable injuries, lost-time accident(LTA), away from work case(AWC) • if someone dies: you have to call OSHA in 24 hours Safety Engineers • industrial hygienist • remember Richard o didn't follow his own safety rules Job Safety Analyst • done before a job a is done for the first time Physical Environment • hours of work • circadian rhythms tell you when to sleep Most Stressful Jobs Stress • way you reply to stimulus • task demands • roll demands • ambiguity • interpersonal demands • leadership style Type A and Type B personalities • can you be both? yes Consequences of Stress • sleep problems • family problems • lack of focus • fellow workers • go look at causers of stress from earlier in the semester on moodle • dysfunctional behaviors: termination and absenteeism o sexual/racial harassment Wellness Programs • institutional • collateral • swine flu, aids, workplace security o Robert and Terry ▪ terry didn't walk Robert all the way out and Robert stabbed another employee o Neil ▪ shot in head because no one stopped guy coming in Chapter 13: Motivation 4/28/2017 3:30:00 PM Review David Hebert’s presentation Orpheus Chamber Orchestra • put the power in the hands of the employees, not only in hands of the conductor • Orpheus process Motivation • deter
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