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MGT Exam 1 Objectives

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MGT 3320

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Exam ObjectivesHuman CapitalSocial CapitalIntellectual CapitalLine versus Staff Managers in HRLine manager is day to day manager that carries out actual business functionsStaff managers are support managersBoth line and staff managers have HR responsibilities Responsibilities of HR1 Strategic advice and counsel tell managers who they can hire and provide legal support2 Service perform tasks on recruiting selecting testing and planning Technical expertise required3 Policy formulation and implementation HR managers plan to solve problems they propose this to the top management and if the proposal is accepted then HR managers will be responsible for implementation 4 Employee advocacy the other responsibilities is to serve as an advocate if employees have issues with the managers or other aspectsFunctions of HR1 Planning the creation of goals and the strategy to achieve them2 Controlling the process through which the organization determines whether or not its plans are being carried out3 Organizing how will the tasks be performed4 Leading the process of motivating people to ensure they are doing what theyre supposed to be doingBest practices versus fit
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