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Exam 1 Study Guide (got 94% in the course)

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MGT 3500 Exam 1 Study Guide Part IChapter 11What are labor relations about from the workers perspectivefrom the employersWorkers perspective equity and voice higher wages collective workrelated protection security influenceEmployers perspective organizational goals such as profitability and efficiency lower wages flexibility2What are the 4 major processes of labor relations1 Union organizing process how unions are formed 2 Collective bargaining process how contracts are negotiated 3 Dispute resolution process how bargaining impasses are prevented or resolved4 The Contract administration process how grievances over the application of the contract are managed3Understand the 3 objectives of the employment relationshipthe 1 of labor relations Pg 5Efficiency equity voiceStriking a balance between the 3 conflicting goals4Understand the employmentatwill doctrineknow the outcomes for the scenarios on p 7 that we went through in class Remember that 6 depends on the state you are in the textbook answer is incorrect for this oneEmployment at will All may dismiss their employees at will be there many or few for good cause for no cause or even for cause morally wrong without being thereby guilty of legal wrongpg6 5Understand the idea behind industrial democracy p 8Workers in a democratic society are entitled to the same democratic principles of participation in the workplace Work is not just an economic
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