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MGT 3500 Exam 2 Study Guide (got 93% on the test)

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MGT 3500 Exam 2 Study GuideManagements Approach toward UnionsIManagements GoalsStrategies in Labor Relationsa Union AvoidanceiManagement prefers to be union freeiiReactive v Proactive Approaches1Reactive union suppressionaDone when unions initiate a union organizing drivebActions are set in motion to suppress unionscUsually have an autocratic societydUnion suppression occurs in both legal and illegal drives at least 20 of some union suppression is illegal strategic noncomplianceeStrategic compliance weighs the option of union vs the cost of being caught doing illegal tactics2ProactiveaUnion substitution creates an environment where employees are satisfied Ex Welfare capitalismiEmployee empowermentiiDifferent business strategyb Union ContainmentiSanctions1Withhold demand for labor2Layoffs3LockoutsiiCaptive union tactic1Kill them with kindness2Agreeable3Effort to undermine the loyalty of the unioniiiIntegrative bargaining1Popular after the 1980s2Winwin bargaining3Mutual gains4Enter negotiations trying to problem solveIIManagement Structure for Labor RelationsaSize of Labor Relations StaffiAvg labor relations staff is about 13iiResponsible for1Union organization campaigns2Preparations for negotiations in collective bargaining3Contract administration grievance4Litigation surrounding process of the unionbCentralization of Decision MakingiSets the overall union strategyiiCIO primary responsibility for overseeing negotiations for collective bargainingiii3 high levels of companyivTend to be part of the HRM deptcSpecializationiLabor relations are highly skilledUnionsIUnion GoalsStrategiesaUnions simply want morebetterbLabor Cost Employment Tradeoff
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