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Test 2 Material

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Test 2 Material notes are split between power point slides and hereNew members join unions at the local level Do local unions have to join national unions No called independent local unions Local unions are extremely important because its the one where members have direct relationship Members tend to judge the union based on the local activity Their loyalty is based upon the local level Top of the local union is the president Union stewards are typically elected within work unitsEach WU had a steward They are the first point of contact for an employee who wants to file a grievance through the unions ideally only for contract violations in their collective bargaining agreementLocal unions do participate in collective bargaining The national union is likely to decide the ultimate decision or route to take for the union A push for more grassroots involvement in politics need money and votes to win an election Need the votes of union members After Mardi GrasFactors Affecting Workers Decisions about joining a UnionStrategic noncompliance the idea that even though 8a3 violations of NLRA are illegal strategically there might be a good reason to take the fine that allow a union to organize The costs of unionizing outweigh the cost of the violationHome visitsmeeting with the worker will increase the likelihood to join the union also flooding the organization with union repsRoles of representatives of unionsst1 role is to educatend2 role is persuaderd3 role is support through the use of union resourcesFirst step to negotiating is to establish a bargaining structure Bargaining unit group of employees who are eligible to vote and are the ones to be represented by the union after the vote also known as Election UnitsIn collective bargaining the Bargaining unit can be referred to as a negotiation unit They arent necessarily the same The bargaining unit votes for the election unit then the election unit becomes the negotiation unit The bargaining unit for elections will be the default unit for negotiations but the bargaining unit can choose to have another negotiation unit It can be changed as long as no employees who were part of the election unit will be excluded in collective bargaining
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