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MKT Test 1 Study Guide (highest grade in class)

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Louisiana State University
MKT 3401

Marketing Notes Test 1Success John Camp1Market yourselfHow do you find the right person to talk to how do you say the right thing to that person2Sell yourselfHow people see youHow well you can speak3Know people networkingYou have to go out and find people and get them to use you4Maintain contactTraits that a company looks forCreativeAggressiveWhen they tell you NO you have to be willing to try something elsePersist in finding a solutionEnthusiasmNot talking about extremely animatedYou cannot be a drain on the organizationSmartNot everyone is book smartBeing able to thinkHonestyThey have to trust that you arent going to take advantage of the companyThings companies look forInterpersonal Communication Skills1 trait they look for when hiringHow you interact with other peopleBe able to write and speak wellTeamworkSomebody who can work with a team despite any differences between membersTipoIn an interview look at presenters going for the job as well and support them on their presentationNod on presentationJump in and help if they struggleHonestyCan you be trusted with confidential informationCore competency what are you good atAbilityHow good are youLikability You must be likeableAl MerhabianIn order to have an emotional impact on someoneoAbility to look at you and something about you draws them inWhat are those characteristics that make you likeableVocalo38 of emotional impact you have is your voiceoTone most important focusKiller BsBoredomMake things sound interesting even if they are notBitternessoPauseAbility to be able to learn when to stop be quiet when to be reflective etcVisualo55 of emotional impactoFacial ExpressionYour facial expression says a lot about you and reflects on others reactions to youDefault look that makes you appealingIt is a persons first glance on your likeabilityVerbal arrangement of the messageo7 of emotional impact Credibility The believability you have when talking to other peopleTrustHonestySincerityYou have to be trustworthy if you lose it its impossible to regainIf you make a mistake admit it and show your loyaltyLes MilesoHe did not step up and honestly admitted his mistakesKnowledgeExpertoYour expertise enforces your credibilityGetting information from outside is not taking away from your knowledge it is enhancing your credibilityIdentificationAssociationAre you able to identify with that particular target audienceoDress code vocabulary etcPositionStatusSuccessInternshipoInternships add to your positionstatussuccessYour credentials add to your credibilityCharisma Personal BrandingYour personal brand
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