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Marketing Final Exam Review (got 94% in the course)

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Marketing Final Exam ReviewFormat 60 questions 3 points each one question 10 pointsopinion John Camp the Keys to Success in your Work are that you have to be able to 1Market yourself who to present yourself to 2Know people networking 3Maintain contact with people Marketing ConceptsDissatisfied CustomersConcepts 1Customer Value benefitscosts2Customer Satisfaction According to Harvard Businesss school survey63 of customers are more likely to change a purchase decisions based on one person77 of customers who have a bad experience will tell at least one person and that one person will tell one more person And during these times when people are telling stories about their experiences they will sensationalize the story exaggerate Only 7 of people will tell the company about their problemexperienceThere are two types of dissatisfied customers 1Angry customer2Remorseful quietFailure and RecoveryBad service what takes place once failure is recognizedConsumer Decision Making Process Persuasion conscious attempt to modify the thoughts and actions of the consumer to bring you to a predetermined goal5 Steps 1Need recognition
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