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MKT 3401

MKT 3401What does it take to be successful in businessoBe able to market yourselfHave something that somebody wants and find the person that wants itoBe able to sell yourselfCreate a personal brandoKnow peopleNetworkBe likeableoMaintain contactsBuild relationships with consumers customers vendors etcTraits of a successful personoCreativeoAggressiveBe able to handle anything good or badoEnthusiasticoSmartBe able to handle pressure learn and executeoHonestyLack of honesty will kill your personal brandcompanyBe honest in your resume one flaw or discrepancy is grounds for terminationWhat are the top four qualities wanted in a MBA student at Ivy League schoolsoInterpersonal and communication skillsoTeamworkoHonestyoLikeabilityThe emotional impact you have on people38 of the emotional impact you have on people is based on vocal deliveryCannot give good service without vocal deliveryManage toneoCritical to vocaloCant be boring and bitteroSometimes not talking as much or as loud is effective55 judged on visual appearanceDress is not the main part of visual deliveryThe number one element of visual delivery is your facial expressionoImages are created within a 124 of a second called the Thin Slice
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