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Test 1 Notes (got the best grade in class)

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MKT 3401 Notes For Test 111713First Lecture ClassJohn CampJohn Camp says What is required to be successful in business1Market Yourselfbe able to bring in clients2Sell Yourself3Know People4Maintain ContactTraits need to be more successful with others1 Be Creative2 Be Aggressive3 Enthusiasm4 Smart5 HonestyHow do you sell yourselfoConcept of likeabilityoLikeabilitymost impact onWhat makes you likeableo38 most impact you have on someone is judged on VOCAL DELIVERYTONE will define youimpact your personal brandingo55 visual deliveryFacial expressionlikeable lookoDefault looklook have when not speakingMeans nothingIt takes 124 of a second for an image to be createdDefault look eye contactgets you in more trouble that othersEye Contacto7 emotional impactVerbal arrangement of messageGot to have the contact12213Personal BrandingPersonal Branding formula by Steve GuyzeroPBP PV x T12PBPersonal BrandingPPerformanceDoes Matter1PPersonalityin likeable way2VVisibilityTTrustwhen lost destroys personal brandPersonal BrandCompanyCredibilityTrustSincerityKnowledgeExperienceSuccessPosition in OrganizationIdentificationAssociation weakestPersonal Brand12413Marketing Management Philosophy1Production OrientationoCompany looks inward to see what best product is and produce itNot worried about consumers May not have the market
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