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Marketing 3401 NotesMr Karam met up with an old friend Charles talked with his wife Charles does realestate Mr Karam rode around LSU showing her small houses he owns She does Washington DC realestateShe says come to DCCharles sold Sports Illustrated building for 237 million Went to the club house of Congressional Country Club talked to Mr Camp retired father of Charles wife and told him that he teaches MKTG and help attorneys Mr Camp hires for the firm and he tells Mr Karam what to teach To be successful you mustKnow how to market yourself make people believe in you and like youKnow how to sell yourselfmake them want to buy from you not someone elseLikeability Personal BrandYour impact on peopleAccording to Al Mehrabian how do you sellpresent Personal Brand yourself38 of presentation is VOCAL deliveryBeing aware of voice toneRate volume and pause are also critical55 of presentation isdeliveryVISUALMost important factor is Facial ExpressionDefault Lookbe aware of it is it likeableoan image is created in 124 of a secondoRicky Jean FransciosKaram met with him he judged Karam based on his default look oKathleen Blancoshe looked like a coward judged her during Katrina not a leaderoIn a presentations on how to sell yourselfa woman wanted to know her default look she saw it and said that she now knew why she was fired 4 times her look was angryoPerceive vs Desired imagetop 5 paper by Harvard7 of presentation is VERBAL ARRANGEMENTKnow peoplenetworking connectionsMaintain contactsstay in touch with peopleTraits you need to be successfulCreativeAggressiveface failure and regroup Youve got to learn to struggleEnthusiastic you need some firedo not weigh down a companySmart really goodHonest Top 3 reasons youll get hired1Interpersonal Relations Skills2Teamwork3Honesty CredibilityHow people perceive you and your believabilityif you dont have it you lose customers and shareholders
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