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MKT 3401

Marketing 3401August 29 2013 and September 3 2013John Camp said What is required to be successful in businesso1 Must be able to market yourselfWhat do you have that differentiates you to the businesso2 Must be able to sell yourselfo3 Must be able to know peopleNetwork with peopleo4 Maintain contactsThe 5 traits to be successfulo1 Creativeo2 AggressiveHearing the word No and still being able to keep goingBeing persistent and resiliento3 EnthusiasticStay positiveo4 SmartGPA and be trainableo5 HonestyEspecially on your resume20032004 WSJ conducted a survey and interviewed students graduating from Ivy League SchoolsoAsked Fortune 500 companies what qualities they look for1 Interpersonal and communication skills2 Teamwork3 Honesty4 CompetencyLikeabilityoThe emotional impact you have on somebodyoCan be broken down into 3 aspects1 38 of the emotional impact you have is judged on your vocal deliveryThe most critical component to vocal delivery is TONEDont be boring or bitter2 55 of the emotional impact you have is judged on your visual deliveryThe most important aspect of visual delivery is facial expressionsYour Default Look is the look you have regularlyThin slicepeople evaluate you as a person in 10 sec and beyond that be pretty accurateImages of a person are created in 124 of a secondThe look on a persons face across from you means NOTHING3 7 of the emotional impact you have is judged on your verbal arrangement of the messageContent matters a lot more than verbal arrangementThere are 3 types of presenterso1 Show runnerGuy that can do all the likeability and everything and can do it the besto2 Neophytethe everyday person not flawless They are good averageo3 Artistthe eccentric extreme The bizarre look Hard to look past and focus on the content
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