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MKT 3401
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MARKETING 3401 Notes Exam 1 and 2Notes for Exam 1What is required to be successful John CampoMarket yourselfcreate a brand identify target marketoSell yourselfstrategy how will you package yourselfoKnow peoplenetworking companies look to hire someone specialoMaintain contactmaintain relationships with people so they know who you areEnhance the ability to sell yourself oBe creativethink of creative ways to solve problemsoBe aggressivethinking of another way being creative after being told no moving to a new target marketoBe enthusiasticoBe smartthink things through overcome a miserable task see importanceoBe honestbe an honest person with integrityYour Resume will indicate to someoneif you have an inaccuracy it dismantles your credibility information must be supremely accurate and presented perfectlyHow do you sell yourself oLikeabilitythe emotional impact you have on someone be yourself38 vocal deliverybe articulate clean and clear speaking too fast is more persuasive than speaking too slowly55 Visual deliveryfacial expression7Verbal Arrangementcontent is king but how you say it mattersThin Slice theoryIn 10 sec of a 1 hour presentation peoples personalities were determined with 70 accuracyPersonal BrandingPerformancePresentationVisibilityTrustCredibilityoCredibilityknowledge confidence connectionbelievability and trustCurse of knowledgetoo much knowledge wasted on a target audience because you cant present it in a clean and clear way Simplicity is complexBe confident but avoid arroganceConnectionidentify relate to connect with audienceTwo types of credibilityResume credibilitycredentials that you would announce or put on a resumeAuthenticitygenuine trustworthy sincere a presentation that is not artificial you are not perfect and that is okayoKnowledgeKnowledge of materialcredibility through appropriate level of knowledge but avoid the curse of knowledgeKnowledge of audiencewho is target audience Who are you trying to influenceoConfidenceBe confident but not arrogantBeing nervous does not exempt you from being confidentMaintain a comfortable default look and adjust your voiceoConnectionKnow your audiencewho they are interests etc to relate to them with stories to add credibility4 MarketingManagement philosophies for business strategiesoProduction Orientationmaking the best product possible regardless of customers etc looking inwardoSales Orientationmaking use of skilled sales forces to sell a product regardless of what it is eg pharmaceutical salesoMarketing Orientationsatisfying customer wants and needs by providing a product they can useoSocietal Orientationmarketing orientation that focuses on protecting the environment sustainability3 Marketing ConceptsoCreate customer valueValuebenefitscost
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