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Chapter 2 Test Bank Review (Got A+ on the test)

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MKT 3411
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Consumer Behavior 9e SolomonChapter 2 Perception1 The immediate response by our eyes nose mouth or fingers to such basic stimuli as light color sound odor and texture is called A receptionB awarenessC perceptionD sensationAnswerDDiff 1Page Ref 57SkillConceptObjective21AACSBCommunication2 The process by which people select organize and interpret sensory information is called A receptionB awarenessC perceptionD sensationAnswerCDiff 1Page Ref 57SkillConceptObjective21AACSBCommunication3 Which of the following is NOT one of the three stages of the process of perceptionA interpretationB adaptationC attentionD exposureAnswerBDiff 2Page Ref 57SkillConceptObjective21AACSBCommunication1Copyright2011 Pearson Education Inc4 Research has indicated that the colorcreates feelings of arousal and stimulates appetiteA blueB redC yellowD blackAnswerBDiff 2Page Ref 59SkillConceptObjective22AACSBCommunication5 Some color combinations come to be so strongly associated with a corporation that they become known as the companys A positionB iconC trade dressD schemaAnswerCDiff 1Page Ref 62SkillConceptObjective22AACSBCommunication6 When a gas station blows fresh coffee smell around the gas pumps to tempt customers to come inside for a cup the gas station is using a form ofmarketing to influence customersA oneonone B subliminal C differentiated D sensory AnswerDDiff 2Page Ref 64SkillConceptObjective22AACSBCommunication2Copyright2011 Pearson Education Inc
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