Dairy Processing

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Nutrition and Food Services
NFS 1049
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Food ProcessingFood Processingconversion of raw animalplant tissue into forms that are convenientpractical to consumeFood preservationthe use of specific thermal and nonthermal processing techniques to minimize the number of spoilage microorganisms in foods thus making them safe and giving them an extended shelf lifeWhy processTo preserve foods so that they remain fresh wholesome nutritious safefree from effects of spoilage for a certain length of time To manufacture specific desirable food products which exhibit a certain shelf life for storage and distribution purposesPreservation methodsCanningRefrigerationFreezingDehydrationHigh pressureIrradiationFood AdditivesPackagingMilk and Dairy ProductsWhole Cows milk composition88water33protein33fat47carbohydrate primarily lactose07ashAn emulsion of milk fat saturated triglyceride surround by proteins caseins dispersed in aqueous milk serumContains cholesterol and phospholipids
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