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Nutrition and Food Services
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NFS 1049

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Food Chemistry CarbohydratesPhysical Properties and StructureCalories 40 caloriesgramAll carbohydrates contain the elements of carbon hydrogen and oxygenSimple sugars are the building blocks of carbohydrate unitsCarbohydrates as Food SourcesAffect blood glucose levelsGlycemic IndexThe ability of a food to cause a sharp increase in blood glucoseGenerally the easier it is digested and absorbed the greater the glycemic effectIndividuals with glucose metabolism disorders should consume foods associate with low glycemic effect because their metabolism cannot cope with rapid spikes in blood glucose caused by high glycemic foodsSIMPLE CARBSApples milk cake vegetables sugarDont provide the extra vitamins and minerals we needCOMPLEX CARBSBreads rice pasta starchy vegetablesProvide vitamins minerals and fiberMonosaccharides A single carbohydrate unitTriosesthose with 3 carbon atoms in their structureHexosesthose containing 6 carbon atoms in their structureoEx Fructose glucose galactoseC6H12O6Slight differences in functional groups cause differences in functional properties such as sweetness and solubility
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