Lipid Chemistry Student Notes 2010

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Nutrition and Food Services
NFS 1049
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Food Chemistry LipidsPropertiesMost are nonpolar insoluble in waterFats and oils contain 9 calories per gram stored in the body as energyLighter than waterMelting pointdepends on chain length and other factorsLipids that are solid at room temperature are generally called fats those that are liquid are called oils Lipids are organic substances and are considered to be lipophilic or hydrophobicStructure and Types of LipidsFatty Acids are components of fats and oilsSome fatty acids are considered to be essential linoleic and alphalinolenicKnown as triglyceidestriesters of glycerol and fatty acids Fatty AcidsNatural fatty acids are carbon chains with even numbers of carbon atoms ranging from 428Fats and oils are mixtures of fatty acids differing in chain length and degree of saturationIn general the longer the fatty acid chain and the more saturation the higher the melting pointImportant to the taste and texture of foods
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