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Nutrition and Food Services
NFS 1049
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FDSC Test 2 ReviewRheologyoStudy of flow and deformation of foods reactions to stressoFluidity the flow rate of the food material is proportional to amounts of stress applied KetchupoElasticity food material deforms but returns to original shape when deforming stress is removed Bread doughoPlasticity food material deforms as stress is applied partial recovery after stress is removed Soft cheesePrimary function of packagingoPreservationoProtection against physical damageoProtection against chemicals dirt biological contaminationoEase of distributionoEnhance visual appeal and customer recognitionWhat does food packaging dooAct as a barrier to moistureoProvide a barrier to oxygenoBlock microbial entryoNot allow product to leakoBe easy to open and closeoBe easy to dispose ofoMeet size shape and weight requirementsTypes of containersoCansoFlexible pouchesoGlassoMicrowavableoEdible filmsAdvantages of flexible pouchesoFaster and greater heat penetrationoNo corrosionoEasier to openoLightweightDisadvantages of flexible pouchesoHarder to stackoProvide no structural supportoSusceptible to tearing or cuttingTypes of edible filmsoSausage casingsoWax to coat fruits and vegetablesDifferent types of packagesoControlled and Modified Atmospheric PackagingControlled Atmosphere packaging controls the amounts of gases in a foods atmosphereFruits and vegetablesModified Atmospheric packaging air is not removed but the composition of the air has been altered in order to extend products shelf lifeInstant coffee dry milkVacuum Packaging removal of air from a packaged food
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