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Louisiana State University
Nutrition and Food Services
NFS 2000

Food Safety Chapter 11 Food SafetyWhat are some recent examples of unsafe foodThe US food supply is among the safest in theworld However foodborne illness continues to be a national public health issue After September 11 concerns have been raised over the possibility of attacks on our food supplyFood Safety is FarmtoTableEach stop along the The Five FarmtoTable Steps chain plays a role in ensuring that our nations food supply is fresh of high quality and safe from hazards If a link in this chain is broken Farm to Table Steps the safety and integrity of our nations food supply can be threatened Food Safety vs Food Security Foodsafetyconcerned with diseaseproducing or toxic hazards that are accidentally introduced into the food supply Foodsecuritythe planned contamination of food with these substances as a result of malicious and criminal intent HACCP is utilized Food BiosecurityThe prevention of intentional food supply terrorismWhat is Any illness resulting from the ingestion offoodHow to tell If it is detected in a food that has been consumed If there is a cluster ofcases amongwho consumed the food persons If intestinal tract is affected If symptoms are like those in foodborne illness Foodborne IllnessWhat is Foodborne IllnessThree types of hazards can cause foodborne illness Infectious BacteriaPlant toxinhormones cleanersintoxicationPathogenicparasites virusesintoxificationBone fragments glass metal Biological Hazards in FoodsBacterial Causesinfectious bacteriaInfectious bacteria invadecolonize the intestinal Infectious bacteria invadecolonize the intestinalCauses damage to the epithelial lining of gutDisrupts the uptake of solutes by the bodyResults in an imbalance in osmotic pressure Water is then secreted from the body to the intestinal tract resulting in diarrheaThe irritation to the lining of the gut also causes vomiting responseGram negative bacteria salmonella can cause a feverThe onset of disease is usually 12 hours to 2 daysBiological Hazards in Foods Bacterial CausesFoodborne IntoxicationBacteria grow in food and produce toxin Toxin can be quicklyfrom the food andcause symptoms wiabsorbed thin a couple of hoursEx Clostridium botulinum Staph aureus Biological Hazards in Foods Bacterial Causes Foorborne intoxification Bacteria grow in the gut and produce toxin which causes illnessExE coli 0157H7 produces a toxin thataffects the kidneys Biological Hazards in FoodsMycotoxins from Molds Produced by some molds for no apparent reasonCan cause symptoms ranging from acute nausea and headaches to chronic liver cancer usually depending on the doseEx aflatoxin from Aspergillus sp Biological Hazards in Foods
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