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Compare and contrast any three of the following normative ethical theories or alternative views on ethicsvirtue ethics deontology utilitarianism Nietzsches critique of morality the feminist ethics of careBe sure your essay explains how the main idea of each theory is illustrated in popular cultureThe Dark Knight Utilitarianism a system of ethics that requires us to maximize the total happiness or well being resulting from our actions If batman kills the joker he would prevent all the murders the joker would otherwise commit in the future Deontology to judge the morality of an act based on features intrinsic to the act itself regardless of the consequences stemming from the act Batman says that the deaths that the joker causes are his responsibility and his responsibility alone I am responsible only for the deaths I cause Virtue Ethics what sort of a person one should be using the ideas of virtue and vice Virtue ethics is based on Aristotelian teleology The argument that happiness is the fundamental telos purpose of human existence is the foundation of Aristotelian teleology The type of happiness Aristotle refers to is not an emotion or a feeling but rather is a state of being that is only achieved by choice In ancient Greek this was known as eudemonia Eudemonia simply means human flourishing One must achieve arte excellence of character for one to reach eudemonia In conclusion the guiding principle behind human purpose is that in order to attain happiness one must achieve excellence in character Achieving arte can only be done through habituation That is only through behaving as if we already have excellent characters can one actually do so In other words we become what we do and nobody is born with a particular character
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