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Philosophy NotesPlato 120 EuthyphroSocrates is indictedfor telling lies about the godscorrupting the youthMeletus has indicted him and knows about the godsEuthyphro is prosecuting someone as well so he must know too he is prosecuting his own dadIt doesnt matter who he is prosecuting just the crime the many thing that the dad did no wrong but Euthyphro thinks he didSocrates asks Euthyphro one questionWhat is pietyIs it one thing or manyWhat is the oppositeWhat is the absolute universal definitionHe responds what I am doing nowIt is what pleases the godswhat pleases all the godsit is what services the godspiety is loved by the gods pietygod lovedthis all means nothing Euthyphro doesnt know what piety isSocrates is upset that he learned nothing from EuthyphroPlato 2133 ApologySocrates is defending himself in courtMeletus has charged him with telling lies about god and corrupting the youthSocrates life has spanned the time of the war
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