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Hobbes-- Leviathan (98% on the test)

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Hobbes Interested in physical motion but hated experiments Creates political philosophy based on physics Wrote third objects to DescartesExplanation of mans place in the world in terms of physical causesDistinction between true and false religionDifference between religion and superstition is what the authorities permit or do notWhatever you agree with his beliefs is religion everything else is superstitionA matter relative to the individualAttractive to live under authority bcoDistinction between true and false religion is conducive to civil harmonyStudy of human nature define man and link him the world and societyIf we define man accurately then we can define the system that man needs to thrive within a group of other menLetter of dedication to GodolphinHe doesnt know how it will be perceived bc he is writing to people who want more govt and people who want lessHis path in between two extremes is one of the most extreme paths ever createdHobbes wants the king to have absolute power He wants liberty not controlIts only by giving govt abs power that both sides get what they wantWe can only be free if we have an absolute sovereign the only way to maximize liberty is to have the most unquestionable authority governing societyIf you dont have any govt what you get is not liberty but servitude insteadIntroductionFirst line oNature Gods art for governing worldoLeviathan Mans art for governingGod makes man man imitates god and makes artificial animal government leviathangiant sea monsterJust like laws of nature leviathan governs how we act in the worldHow can you expect people to do things regularly rush hourWhat is difference between a clock and humans oIf heart stops working so do weoIf battery dies so does clockoLife is just like machineHobbesian man man is a piece of technology built by nature Leviathan has everything that man has in itoCreated for the defensive man to protect usoIt has the sovereignty of man that gives us motion heartkingoHas magistrates and judges that motion is hinged upon limbsoHas artificial jointsoHas reward and punishment nervesoHas artificial nourishment eats money foodoHas artificial disease civil war discordIn order to describe leviathan he will look at materialoMaterial is the people themselvesoKnow thyself Plato DelphioIf you know how you work then you also know your neighbor they will and desire in the same wayBy knowing ourselves constitution we know the leviathanoWe make it better or worse by how we understand each otherThe sovereign must find the nature of man in politicsPart One OF MANChapter One OF SENSESense Original of thought counterpressureThought representations of senseExternal bodies press on us and create sensesoImmediate taste touch things that are connected to your bodyoMediate seeing hearing smelling not direct pressure space between source and pressurePerception is the resistance of sensesoColors are perceived in your brain how the brain is engineeredoInnerworkings of machinebody produce senses
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