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Final Exam Review Phil 2025 (got 93% on the test)

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PHIL 2025
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Final Exam ReviewPhil 20251Name the two oldest principles of bioethicsaDo goodbDo no harm2Give one or two sentences brief description of the following moral theoriesaConsequentialismThe consequences determine if an action is good bDivine Command TheoryMorality is somehow dependent upon God and moral obligation consists in obedience to Gods commands cKantianism Categorical ImperativeAnything you do should be a universal lawdDeontologyConcerned with doing your duty the right thing regardless of consequenceseSocial Contact TheoryA persons moral andor political obligations are dependent upon a contract or agreement among them to form the society in which they live fUtilitarianismAct to obtain the greatest good for greatest number gCommunitarianismAll ethics derive from communal values traditions loyalties social nature of life and institutionsAct in the best interest of the community as determined by those values3Explain the original position and Veil of Ignorance as proposed by John RawlsaYou start behind a veil of ignoranceNo idea what your stage in life is going to be 4Describe the followingaPrinciplismPrinciplism is the four principles approach Autonomy Beneficence Nonmaleficence and JusticebCasuistryLooks at cases to decide Describe case in detail including specific circumstances identify maxims identify paradigm cases reflect on prior opinions verdictresolutioncVirtue EthicsThe character of a person is the driving force for analysis of ethical behavior rather than rules or consequencesdReflective EquilibriumThe endpoint of a deliberative process in which we reflect on and revise our beliefs about an area of inquiry moral or nonmoral5What is ethical relativismaThe reason there sometimes doesnt seem to be a right answer isiDifferent than scientific proofsiiChoose tough problemsiiiProof versus convince someone else6What decade seems to be the pinnacle of bioethicsa1970s7Discuss the Eugenics movement and give examples of its past and current usageaEugenics movement is manipulating what kinds of children are bornSome examples of this includeiBuck vs BelliiSkinner vs OklahomaiiiIVF gene selection8Was justice violated or upheld in Buck vs Bell WhyaSupreme court justice said three generations of imbeciles are enoughThe court upheld a statue insisting compulsory sterilization of the unfit for the protection and the safety of the state
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