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Philosophy 2025 MidTerm Review1What 4 disciplines contribute to BioethicsPhilosophyLawReligionMedicine2Name two ethical principles found in the earliest bioethical guidelinesDo goodDo no harm3What is eugenicsApplied science or the social movement that advocates the uses of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population4What is the Baby Doe lawBaby Doe amendment extends the laws to define child abuse to include the withholding fluids food and medically indicated treatment from disabled children 5In the famous Supreme Court decision Buck versus Bell Oliver Wendell Holmes said Three generations of imbeciles is enough Give a short description of this case and why it carries ethical importance Emma Buck appointed to asylum her daughter Carrie Buck sent flirtatious notes to school boys indicating her sexual precociousness inherited from her promiscuous mother eventually leading to the rape by her cousin Vivian Buck her daughter was examined to be below average and likely feeble mindedCarries ethical importance because healthcare justice was violated6Briefly describe the Tuskegee experiment 600 impoverished AfricanAmerican sharecroppers were enrolled into this program 400 had syphilis and 200 did not The men and women in this study were never told that they had syphilis they were told they were being treated for badbloodaHow long did it go onThis study continued for 40 years even after the validation of penicillin as an effective treatment for syphilis the patients were still not treatedbWhat is its ethical significanceThe Tuskegee experiment violated the ethical principles of autonomy liberty understanding nonmaleficence withholding vs withdrawing and justice libertarian egalitarian7Name three important documents in the history of ethical guidelines for human researchiNuremberg Code April 1947World Human ResearchiiDeclaration of Geneva September 1948World Physicians DutyiiiDeclaration of Helsinki June 1964World CombinedivBelmont Report September 30 1978US US ResponseaList 3 guidelines from the US reportiRespect for personsiiBeneficence
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