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PHIL 2028

Reality mapsall the most fundamentally real basis of reality themes events activities relationships in terms of which everything else is understoodEasy to forget that these concepts come from an imaginative point of viewHumans have conducted a reality map or world viewGroup sees reality as a whole in an imaginative worldSymbols make you believe in unity as part of reality because a group of people look at something and realize that it means something else something similarFirst reality maps are myths mythos in Greek story of the gods and their interactions with each other and with people can be true are in certain respectsWhen on high once upon a time stories about another time time when everything begins the ArcheMyth defining a world cosmos troops natural worldTiamat female dragonmonster salt water Apsumale fresh water they mingle waters and give birth to earth refers to nature and something sexual they are both part of the natural world and are both dragons earth sun sky etc are born just not put in their proper placeApsu attempts to kill children in order to put things back to their original order but he fails so his children send him to the undergroundKingu remarries Tiamat and wants to get vengeance on these new gods and put things back to normalNone of the younger gods are willing to fight TiamatMarduk fierce lightning agrees to fight Tiamat and her army it is agreed that if he wins he will be kingMarduk destroys Tiamat and puts her in the sky gods guard the holes to make sure Tiamat is to never get outMarduk creates a temple at the center of the world where gods and humans interact he makes humans by using the earth and the blood of Kingu mixtures of that divinity which aims at reduction to chaos and further differentiationMarduk marries Ishtar Ishtar tries to trick her sister in the underworldThe story is reenacted by humans for 12 days in the spring
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